November 22, 2018, 9:17 am
Combining large brokerage expertise with local personal service.
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Once we have implemented a program, it is imperative it receives the ongoing maintenence necessary to insure its success.  We offer these additional account management benefits:

Professional Communication – The success of your group plan relies largely on what your employees think of the benefits offered.  Mercer Insurance Group designs simple communication pieces and conducts employee meetings to aid in the education and satisfaction of your employees.

Consulting -  We provide routine consulting to you through our quarterly visits. 

Keeping pace with other companies and organizations in the area – Due to our focus on the employee benefit planning area, we are able to advise you on the basis of what level of benefits other employers are sponsoring.

Early warning of administrative problems – Again, because of our large representation of customers by the vendors we use, we are advised earlier  regarding any potential administrative problems and therefore are able to provide this notice to you.

A member of your management team – Much group insurance work is done on a reactive basis instead of proactive.  We become a member of your team by developing strategies for long term, instead of reaction to crisis only.

Service assistance – Any problem that may arise becomes our top priority to resolve.  Your concerns are addressed the same business day.  Within 24 hours, the problem is either taken care of or you will have a detailed action plan as to when and how we will solve the problem.

Employee surveys – We will design, implement, and interpret surveys of your employees to determine their interests in your program.

Access to aggressive markets – We have several unique arrangements for distribution of special products.

Custom Web site – We will build a Web site customized for your employees.  They will enter a password-protected area containing details of your benefit plan as well as online forms and other resources.